Company Profile

Wuhan Precise Electronics Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise in "Wuhan · China Optical Valley". Founded in 2010 in Wuhan, China, it is a technology-oriented enterprise integrating research and development, production, sales and service, and won the "specialized and special new" small giant enterprise. The company has long focused on test instrumentation and test system solutions in laser and semiconductor fields, and its products cover optical communication, lidar, laser display, laser medical, and semiconductor wafer chip device production lines. Fully independently developed related instruments and system solutions, such as laser integrated test system, photodetector integrated test system, photoelectric component reliability analysis equipment, precision source meter, high-current high-precision chip testing, high-current narrow-pulse wafer testing machine, etc., took the lead in the market to achieve domestic substitution. Many kinds of products have a high market share, and the test products cover the whole industry, and it is one of the very few domestic test system solution providers that truly achieve complete independent vertical integration.

The company has a master's, doctoral research and development team and experienced management team. There are nearly 300 employees, including nearly 60% of R&D staff, 2 professors, 4 doctors, and most of the R&D staff are masters. The R & D team is composed of a group of senior professionals in communication, electronic technology and management, and the company's R & D center includes the instrument R & D department and the Automation R & D Department, and has presided over and participated in a number of provinces and cities and important scientific and technological research projects. In the weak signal detection and anti-interference, high speed, RF circuit design, automation system design and system integration, optical chip test core algorithm, and vision detection algorithm has a strong R & D capability and long-term precipitation. Relying on the core technology mastered, many scientific and technological achievements have been made in photoelectric detection and testing, and a number of invention patents have been obtained. The company has also developed a series of electrical performance testing instruments and instruments for measuring weak current and testing semiconductor material characteristics, such as picoammeter, source meter, high-power pulse source, high-power laser related test system, semiconductor refrigeration related test system, etc.

Adhering to the pursuit of quality, refinement, service, innovation of the enterprise craftsman spirit, to provide customers with quality products and intimate service. To build a global leader in optoelectronics and semiconductor test platforms and solutions!