After-Sale Service

1. Within the warranty period: During the warranty period, the supplier will provide free repair and replacement for parts damaged due to quality reasons. For parts damaged outside the warranty period, only the cost of the parts will be charged. For equipment damage caused by human factors on the demand side, the supplier will calculate the cost of the parts repaired or brought by the supplier. During the quality assurance period, we have the obligation to provide technical services and support for all equipment failures caused by non human factors (except for war, disasters, and force majeure factors).
2. Beyond the warranty period: After the warranty period, we will also provide free voice and video services, remote debugging services, free software upgrade services, and promise to provide on-site product maintenance services.
3. Response method: During the warranty period, if the equipment malfunctions, we can provide on-site support after receiving the user's repair information. After the warranty period is exceeded, if the product malfunctions, we can send technical support engineers to provide on-site service. If parts need to be replaced, they will be supplied at discounted market prices.
4. Provide timely and high-quality localization services: All teams of the company will provide maximum technical support to customers, and provide long-term system installation, debugging, and maintenance training for customer technical personnel, so that customers can grasp the equipment usage situation.
5. Regular follow-up: Our company adheres to regular annual follow-up, patrol inspection and maintenance for all products supplied to extend the service life of the equipment.
6. After sales service principle: In technical support and after-sales service, we always adhere to our consistent quality management policy, adhere to the customer first service principle, and ensure to provide customers with comprehensive and thoughtful technical support and after-sales service. Our company's service tenet is always to provide professional, standardized, and diversified services to customers.
Our company also has a comprehensive after-sales service team, with specialized departments responsible for providing customers with comprehensive technical support and services. From telephone consultation, fax, email, to on-site customer service, we will respond to customer requests quickly, handle various problems and malfunctions that customers encounter during product use, to ensure the normal operation of customer work.