Was created in 2010

To create a global photoelectric test platform and solutions to provide the leader!

Wuhan Precise Electronics Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise in "Wuhan · China Optics Valley". It was established in Wuhan, China in 2010. It is a technology-based enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales and service. "Specialized and Special New" small giant enterprise. Pussyth Electronics has long focused on optoelectronic and semiconductor test instruments and test system solutions, covering communication, industrial processing, medical, semiconductor and other production lines. Fully self-developed related instrumentation and system solutions, such as laser integrated test system, photoelectric detector integrated test system, photoelectric component reliability analysis equipment, precision source meter, high-precision chip test, high-current narrow pulse wafer test machine, etc. to take the lead in the market, to achieve domestic replacement. The market share of multi-type products is high, and the test products cover the entire industry. It is one of the few domestic test system solution providers that truly achieve complete independent vertical integration.

The company has a master's and doctoral research and development team and an experienced management team. At present, there are nearly 300 employees, including nearly 60% of R & D personnel, 2 professors and 3 doctors. Most of the R & D personnel are masters. The R & D team is composed of a group of senior professionals in communication, electronic technology and management. The company's R & D center includes instrument R & D department and automation R & D department. It has presided over and participated in a number of provinces, cities and important scientific and technological research projects. In weak signal detection and anti-interference, high-speed, RF circuit design, automation system design and system integration, optical chip test core algorithm, and visual detection algorithm field has strong research and development capabilities and long-term precipitation. Relying on the core technology, many scientific and technological achievements have been made in photoelectric detection and testing, and a number of invention patents have been obtained. The company has also developed a series of electrical performance testing instruments and equipment for measuring weak currents and testing the characteristics of semiconductor materials, such as picoammeter, source meter, high-power pulse source, high-power laser-related test system, semiconductor cooler-related test system, etc.

Precise Electronics adheres to the enterprise craftsman spirit of pursuing quality, refinement, service and innovation, and provides customers with high-quality products and considerate services. To create a global leader in optoelectronic and semiconductor test platforms and solutions!


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Development process


• Awarded as an excellent high-tech enterprise in 2023; • Received environmental management system certification; • Received the honor of "Optics Valley 3551 Talent Plan"; • Launch visible light high-power aging and testing system; • Launch 25G/50G sampling oscilloscope; • Launch ns level aging and testing equipment for LiDAR chips; • Establish a joint metrology laboratory with optoelectronic metrology;


• Launch module three temperature testing; • Lidar testing instruments; • High current source meter; • High voltage source meter; • CHIP testing machine; • VCSEL testing machine, etc; • Selected as a key "Little Giant" enterprise by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in 2021; • Obtained the title of "Listed Golden Seed" enterprise in Hubei Province in 2022;


• Launch an integrated testing and sorting machine for detector components; • CHIP testing machine; • EML disk measurement, LD high-temperature disk measurement, wavelength meter;


• Launch SMU digital source meter pulse power supply; • COB/BOX testing plan; • 200G/400G module testing plan; • TO-CAN high and low temperature disc testing system; • Online aging system for optical modules;


• Launch PAM4 high-speed error rate analyzer; • TO full line automation equipment; • EML, COC aging testing system; • TO disk testing, TO integrated aging monitoring system; • High temperature TO, automatic disc measuring equipment; • Extinction ratio tester, etc;


• Launch COC/BOX/100G device aging testing system; • 100G module testing plan; • 64 transmission and reception channels; • TO disk testing, TO integrated aging monitoring system; • Three/four way device testing system;


• Launch a 10G BOSA comprehensive testing system; • TO laser focal length testing system; • BAR bar automatic testing system; • Insert type chassis series instruments;


• Launch a burst error testing system; • 100G error code testing system; • The bonding and testing system of EML devices; • Location return loss testing system; • Card insertion chassis combination test for BOB system; • BOSA device automatic installation paddle system; • Portable engineering equipment maintenance and testing system, etc;


• Received funding from Wuhan's "3551" Optics Valley Talent Program; • Launch of automated testing solutions for TO devices; • Launch of TO device series aging control system products;


• Obtaining a high-tech enterprise certificate; • BOSA comprehensive testing; • Launch of programmable optical attenuators, optical power meters, and other products; • Automated testing project approval;


• Bit error detectors, PIVs, LIVs, debugging light sources, etc. have been adopted by multiple users; • Received funding from the Innovation Fund for Small and Medium Enterprises; • 10G bit error rate analyzer, APD high-voltage source, APD testing and other products are the first to be launched on the market;


Wuhan Precise Electronics was established