Multichannel module testing

Multichannel module testing

Precise 12/24/48 channels optical module test solution responds and adapts to different test requirements of customer modules, and supports 10G/25G rate test requirements for modules with different channel numbers such as SNAP, LGA, and LCC. It can define test procedures and test specifications for customers according to terminal requirements, assist customers in completing the one-stop module commissioning and production process, and provide full solutions.

Product Application

• SNAP, LGA, LCC etc. packaged module testing


Product Features

• Compatibility of product solutions, single station compatibility supports 4/12/24/48 channels product testing.
 High efficiency of the parallel testing for product sending and receiving, which solves the problem of low test efficiency in the industry.


• Equipped with a special platform for three-temperature testing to increase the speed of loading and unloading, temperature control testing, and increase production capacity.
• With the self-developed DCA, it can significantly improve the efficiency of eye diagram testing.
• Provide optical module commissioning software technical support.