Expert leaders from the Ministry of Science and Technology visited and exchanged guidance on research, visits, and exchanges with Precise Electronics

Release time:2017-06-12

On the afternoon of June 3, 2017, at around 15:00, a group of 20 leaders from the Information Department of the High Technology Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology and well-known domestic experts braved the scorching heat to visit and exchange ideas with Puxi Electronics. Professors Huang Qiuyuan and Zhou Peng warmly received expert leaders from the Ministry of Science and Technology, and organized and arranged exchanges of company cultural concepts and visits to company products.
In the conference room, Professor Zhou gave a comprehensive and multi-dimensional introduction to the leaders of the leading experts on the concept, work done by the team, problems faced in development, current situation of the optical communication industry, challenges faced by intelligent manufacturing in the industry, and the importance of process technology. The expert leaders listened carefully, conducted in-depth communication and discussion on the current situation of the industry, and gave high praise and affirmation to the concept, current achievements, and future development of Purcell Electronics.


Communicate with leaders and experts on the concept of Pussex


Accompanied and led by Professor Huang, visiting expert leaders visited the instrument research and development department, automation product research and development department, production workshop, and key new products of Purcell Electronics. The expert leaders highly recognize the product concept of "quality first" and attach importance to process technology in order to achieve intelligent manufacturing. They highly recognize the existing work of Precise, and both parties have conducted on-site in-depth discussions on how to improve product quality and process technology.


Communicate with leaders and experts on-site


The entire communication activity took place in a relaxed and joyful atmosphere. When saying goodbye to each other, experts expressed that Pucex is a dynamic young team and hope that in the future, Pucex Electronics can provide more comprehensive testing plans through its own continuous efforts, safeguarding the quality of products in the optical communication industry and Industry 4.0