Precise Electronics: Customer First, Perfect Testing Service

Release time:2016-10-07

In the fiery July, the Xunshi family has welcomed a new member. We warmly welcome Wuhan Precise Electronics Co., Ltd. to join Xunshi members!
Precise Electronics and Xunstone are familiar and familiar, and their close communication has established our intimate and profound emotions. Wuhan Precise Electronics was founded in 2010 and is a high-tech enterprise located in "Wuhan · China Optics Valley". Relying on the rapid growth atmosphere of regional technology and economy, its development momentum is rapid. The company's main products include chip testing, TO-CAN production testing, OSA production testing, optical module production testing, BOB optical cat production testing equipment, and automated production testing equipment. At the same time, we can provide customized testing products for enterprises. Puxi Electronics not only maintains close contact with the cutting-edge R&D and production departments of Huawei and ZTE, but also provides testing services for their products. At the same time, we have in-depth cooperation with relevant chip manufacturers in Taiwan.


From left: Precise Jiang Si, General Manager Huang Qiuyuan, and Xun Shi Lingke


Talent control is the key to enterprise development. Puxi Electronics attaches great importance to talent cultivation and technology research and development, always striving to improve independent innovation capabilities, enhance core competitiveness of enterprises, and develop high-tech. With a correct attitude, it has won widespread recognition from colleagues in the optical communication industry. According to Xunshi, the proportion of R&D personnel in the company is currently over 60%, making it a typical research and development enterprise. The company's entrepreneurial research and development team is composed of renowned experts and engineering technicians in the industry, as well as a group of senior professionals in communication, electronic technology, and management, with strong strength. With an excellent R&D and production team and the concerted efforts of all employees, the company has overcome one difficulty after another and grown into a mature and excellent high-tech enterprise.


The development history of Purcell Electronics:

In 2012, the company received funding from the National Innovation Fund for Small and Medium Enterprises; And we have launched a 10G bit error detector, APD high-voltage source, and APD testing system.
In 2013, we obtained the National High tech Enterprise Certificate, which fully affirmed the research and development organizational management level, scientific and technological achievement transformation ability, number of independent intellectual property rights, sales and total asset growth of the national team enterprise. At the same time, BOSA comprehensive testing, programmable optical attenuators, and optical power meters have been launched; Automated testing project approval.
Received funding from the "3551" Optics Valley Talent Program in Wuhan in 2014; Launch dual channel high-precision digital source meters; Launch automated testing products for TO devices; Series of device aging power supply and monitoring system products.
In 2015, Pusaisi launched 10G, 40G, and 100G high-speed signal error rate testers, high-precision stable light sources, backloss insertion loss testers, 10G BOSA device comprehensive testing system, BOB optical cat testing system, etc.


Purcell instrument

Purcell instrument


Purcell Electronics has closely followed the development pace of Optics Valley and, after several years of development and improvement of optical device production line testing instruments, has gradually improved the production and testing plans for optical communication, fiber optic sensing, semiconductors and other devices. The product plan simulates the real application environment and monitors corresponding performance indicators, which has the characteristics of comprehensiveness, completeness, stability, semi automation or automation, thereby improving the production efficiency, reliability, stability, and consistency of users' production lines. The company occupies the vast majority of the domestic market share in the field of active device detection products, which also reflects the leading position and trustworthy enterprise quality of Puxi Electronics in the field of active device detection. Purcell Electronics aims to provide perfect testing services for customers in the production of optoelectronic devices. This service spirit drives the improvement of enterprise services and provides a continuous driving force for the enterprise's progress.
The company adheres to the corporate spirit of not seeking the largest, but the most refined, and provides customers with the highest quality products and most thoughtful services. Our high-quality inspection and testing services have won long-term cooperation and recognition from optical communication companies. Next, the company will advance into the field of passive detection products and automation. We look forward to Psys Electronics providing more comprehensive and high-quality detection services to optoelectronic production enterprises, working together with the optical communication industry to progress and strive for development. At the same time, we welcome Pross Electronics to join the Xunshi family. Xunshi will work together with Pross Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. to create a better future!