Ma Kai Visits Perseus Technology Achievements to Encourage Innovative Development of Domestic Optical Communication Industry

Release time:2017-06-12


On May 4, 2017, Ma Kai, a member of the Politburo of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and Vice Premier of the State Council, participated in the exhibition of innovative technology products by Wuhan Pusais Electronics, a high-tech tourism and communication enterprise, in the Beacon Fire Innovation Valley. During the event, Ma Kai carefully listened to Professor Zhou Peng, General Manager of Purcell Electronics, who introduced the company's philosophy and high-tech products, and gave high encouragement and recognition to Purcell.
At around 11 a.m., Vice Premier Ma Kai of the State Council arrived at the exhibition hall dressed in casual attire to visit and learn about various optical communication testing instruments of Wuhan Purcell Electronics. Ma Kai inquired in detail about the development of the optical communication industry and the technological development of the domestic communication industry. Professor Zhou Peng, General Manager of Purcell, answered Ma Kai's question and introduced the current application prospects of optical communication products to Ma Kai in detail, The current situation of domestic and international production of testing instruments, and so on. Ma Kai expressed the hope that domestic high-tech enterprises will transition to Industry 4.0 and combine production and customers closely with the Internet, from technological innovation to product innovation, to make the entire production process more flexible, personalized, and customized.



During the event, Purcell Electronics showcased the first to launch a 100G high-speed error code testing system in China, providing cost-effective production testing solutions for high-speed module manufacturers; Taking the lead in launching a burst signal error rate tester testing system for EPON/GPON and asymmetric 10G GPON uplink receiving modules in China; For the first time in the industry, a "one click" testing system was proposed to simulate the duplex working environment of BOSA devices, which can automatically and quickly test nearly 20 performance parameters of BOSA devices; Taking the lead in developing an automated testing system suitable for LD chip level in China, the BAR automatic testing system broke the long-standing monopoly of Japanese, American and other companies on domestic chip level testing solutions; Developed a complete testing plan for EML lasers suitable for 40km/80km, and received recognition and encouragement from Vice Premier Ma Kai.
I hope that through the continuous efforts and innovation of all employees of the company, Purcell Electronics can contribute to the flourishing development of the optical communication industry.