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Optional divergence angle test

Visible Light BAR automatic tester is used for automatic measurement of bar LIV curve, spectrum and far field. Fully automatic loading and unloading, support material box loading, support material box or blue film unloading. Normal temperature and high temperature dual temperature test, the test temperature can be set by the user. The probe is powered on, the test NG chip is marked with dots, and the measurement database is opened to the user for subsequent screening procedures.

DFB low temperature (-40°C) automatic Chip tester

The system is used for low-temperature LIV test, SMSR test and backlight sampling test of optical chip LD-CHIP, and classifies and files different test results. Chip wafer blue film loading, CHIP-ID automatic identification memory matching test, through the blue film thimble stripping mechanism, suction nozzle sucking, the manipulator transports the CHIP to the high temperature and normal temperature test area, automatic positioning, automatic testing, analysis and screening, finally manipulator handling and classification. This system has the characteristics of high speed and high precision, can realize the process of complex timing and strict logic. The equipment adopts mechanisms such as eccentric cam drive, connecting rods and precision fixtures, and cooperates with technologies such as multi-axis motion, visual positioning, and visual character matching, has mass production testing capability.

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